PiercedOff Bio Flex 2mm Clear Flat Top Nose Retainers (2 pack) 20GA (0.8mm)


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Bio Flex 2mm Flat Top Clear Retainer Thickness 20GA (0.8mm), Top 2mm Nose Piercing Retainer will Hide your Nose piercing perfectly Non-Autoclavable Benefits of Bio Flex: Reduced healing times / Eliminates irritation / Flexibility puts less stress on piercings / Extremely comfortable, especially for sleeping and under headphones / Easy to clean / Easy to fit / Very Discrete Can be worn in many ear piercings Cut to size with scissors

  • Thickness 20GA (0.8mm) / Length 8mm
  • Top size 2mm
  • Non-Autoclavable

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Dimensions 3.80 x 2.50 x 0.20 in