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Piercing Price List

Belly £30
Conch £25
Daith £25
Earlobe £20 Single / £30 Both
Eyebrow £30
Helix £25
Industrial / Scaffold £30
Lip from £25
Nipple £30 Single / £40 Both
Nose £25
Rook £25
Septum £30
Snug £25
Surface £30
Tongue £35
Tragus £25

All piercing prices include Grade 23 (Implant Grade) Titanium jewellery.

All jewellery used during the piercing process is thoroughly cleaned and autoclaved before your piercing. Single use needles are used for your piercing and the studio is cleaned and disinfected after each appointment.

Our Piercing Studio is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 5pm
(last appointment is 4:40pm