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What To Expect During Your Piercing

What you should do to prepare for your piercing

Once you have booked your appointment, there are certain things that will help ensure that both your piercing experience as well as the aftercare process run smoothly. This is by no means an exhaustive list and nothing beats plain old common sense but following these basic steps will help to prepare you for living with your new piercing

Make sure you have the following available

  1. A piece of fruit or juice to help stabilise your blood sugar after your piercing
  2. Mild soaps, non-iodised sea salts and appropriate cleaning materials for looking after your new piercing
  3. Paper towels for drying your new piercing

Preparing for your appointment

  1. Do not consume alcohol or drugs at least 24 hours before your appointment as this causes your blood to thin and could lead to excessive bleeding. Intoxicated or under the influence customers will not be pierced and their appointment and deposit will be forfeited
  2. Do not take any medications that have blood thinning properties
  3. Avoid large doses of caffeine
  4. Pay attention to personal hygiene as a courtesy to both the piercer and to safeguard your health
    1. Do not eat smelly foods before piercings
    2. Spend extra time before hand cleaning the area that will be pierced
    3. Dress accordingly depending on the piercing you are getting.
      1. Loose clothing for belly or nipple piercings so that your clothing can be adjusted as required during the piercing
      2. So that it does not rub after you leave the studio
    1. Tie your hair back if you are having piercings on or around the ears
  1. Have a light meal an hour or two before your appointment.
    1. It helps to ensure stable blood sugar levels and prevents light-headedness.
    2. Do not over-eat immediately before your piercing as this could cause nausea or vomiting
  2. Do something relaxing before your appointment; even if you are nervous this will help to minimise your anxiety.

What to expect when you arrive

The following measures are based on guidance from the UK government on how to safely operate studios in ways to help minimise the potential spread of COVID-19.

When you visit our studio please be considerate of our staff and of others – we are not imposing these additional measures to inconvenience you but rather to ensure that we can continue to operate safely and compliantly.

The health and wellbeing of the studio staff will not be compromised so please adhere to the guidelines below

We ask that you take note of the following during your visit:

  • Do not visit the store if you are presenting possible COVID-19 symptoms
  • Your temperature will be taken by a contactless infrared thermometer when you arrive. If you have a high temperature (38 and above) you will not be permitted into the studio and your appointment will be rescheduled for a later date (2 weeks minimum)
  • All customers will be asked to wash their hands and wear a face mask upon entering the studio. There will be a hand sanitiser station as well as additional hand gel provided for use by both the piercer and the customer.
  • The piercers will use high level disinfectant to clean down areas between uses.
  • You follow the recommended social distancing rules when in our studio
  • You follow all guidance from staff when visiting the studio
  • There is no waiting area in the studio, please do not arrive early for your appointment as you will be asked to wait outside, regardless of the weather (and this is Largs so it will probably be raining, snowing, windy, all of the above)

There will be regular cleaning procedures in place so that surfaces and communal areas are regularly wiped down and cleaned. Staff will have disinfectant and the wipes required for ensuring a high level of cleanliness.